Collaboration for a Higher Purpose.

Research that addresses the world’s most complex challenges is not an isolated endeavor. At Baylor, world-class faculty and students daily demonstrate excellence in their chosen field, compelled by a calling to serve their neighbors through work that ripples far beyond the laboratory.

One of just 37 private R1 institutions, Baylor’s commitment to world-class research in a collegial environment stands out. As a Christian research university, Baylor’s distinct mission permeates the University’s research endeavors—a culture of collaboration, aligned for a higher purpose. That approach has spurred the development of medicines and interventions, access to food and clean water, policy change, and foundational resources for inclusion, flourishing and ethics.

Meet faculty from a dozen Baylor departments and institutes whose groundbreaking projects, grants and awards only begin to tell the story. Like the research they conduct, their stories are enriched by those they serve alongside to innovate from a variety of angles.