Baylor Illuminates Research Ethics During National Compliance & Ethics Week

November 8, 2022

Baylor University is recognizing National Compliance & Ethics Week for the first time as an R1 institution in 2022, illuminating their important role in Baylor research and scholarship. National Compliance & Ethics Week, held November 6-12 this year, provides an annual opportunity to showcase the people and practices who support these areas. Baylor continues to invest in resources and programs that support ethics and compliance, which enjoy significant alignment with Baylor’s mission.

“As a preeminent Christian research university, it is only natural that ethics and integrity are at the forefront of what we do,” Kevin Chambliss, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Research, said in a message to faculty. “As we continue to elevate our research enterprise, one of the ways we will steward our growth is in the area of research integrity—strengthening our culture of compliance.”

Across campus, faculty and staff partner in varied ways to elevate compliance and ethics in their work. On National Compliance & Ethics Week, Baylor highlights a few of these areas:

    -Baylor’s Research Compliance division within the Office of the Vice Provost for Research partners with faculty to navigate the complexities within grant award requirements, whether they come from the U.S. government or other organizations. While many of the details are minute, their implications are significant. Debra Holland, Associate Vice Provost for Research in Research Compliance, shares four ways research compliance supports and protects Baylor faculty in elite research efforts.

    -Next year, Baylor will launch a new electronic research administration system to facilitate compliance and streamline communication with research staff. This online portal is known as Compliance and Research Administration—or, CARA, in shorthand. This resource will enhance Baylor’s culture of compliance by reducing administrative burdens, improving accountability, enhancing grant competitiveness and making information accessible.

    -The Baylor Ethics Initiative is a community of scholars across campus who engage in purposeful conversation to consider trans-disciplinary ethical issues, and to elevate the role of ethics in their research and teaching. Their work, both formal and informal, leads to partnerships, research programs, undergraduate certificates and more. The Baylor Ethics Initiative invites faculty to learn more and partner with colleagues across campus.

    -During National Compliance & Ethics Week, the North Texas District Export Council is holding an event at the Baylor Research and Innovation. Export Controls from Lab to Market: Advanced Technologies, Product Development & Research Laboratories features speakers from industry, government and the Baylor faculty.

Messaging from President Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D., and Provost Nancy Brickhouse, Ph.D., in emails to campus will further highlight Baylor’s commitment to excellence and leadership in research compliance, ethics and integrity – elevating their important role as Baylor stewards the blessings of growth as a preeminent Christian research university.